Best Neighborhoods To Live In, In El Paso TX

Consult Our Loan Agency On Some Of The Better Neighborhoods In El Paso Texas

El Paso is simply one of those great places that anyone would like to live in. Not only do they have good schools, but they also have amazing homes that most of the residents there own. When it comes to the quality of life choices, there are so many different options and choices that residents are able to choose from. If you are looking for the best neighborhoods to live in, in El Paso TX, below is the list that you need to be having a look at.

Mission Hills

In this neighborhood, the prices of homes tend to range from around $200,000. Also, the neighborhood is proud to feature homes that were built from the year 1940 all the way to the year 1970. This is one of those areas that has a bit of history and which you should be sure you are going to get houses that are of the highest quality. If you are thinking of renting, the average price that you are likely to spend is $1,000. In regards to how safe this area is, it is known for its calm nature, safety and walkability access. There are also a handful of stores, restaurants, and parks that are available in the neighborhood.

Emory Road/West Sunset Road

This is one of those upscale best neighborhoods to live in, in El Paso TX that costs an average of $300,000 to own a home. If you are looking to rent out an apartment, then you should expect to spend around $1,600. The residents here have a median salary of around $100,000 and the district and neighborhoods are inhabited by lots of executive professionals and also families who have school going children.

Mountain View

There are a total of 2 lakes and 7 parks in the neighborhood which greatly serves the residents here. Most of the population in this neighborhood consists of the army personnel who are retired. If you are looking for a single home for your family, then you should expect to spend a total of $135,000 to $175,000. There are so many kids here who go to the El Paso Independent School District.

Park Foothills

This is one of those safest, quiet and best neighborhoods to live in, in El Paso TX. The various family homes here go for around $135,000 to around $200,000. At the center of the Park Foothills community, there is the sunshine park which is highly spacious. There are a number of restaurants with great food, nearby stores as well as small businesses that are highly convenient in terms of access to all the residents who are living here. It has more of an urban kind of feel.

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