Best Neighborhoods To Live In, In San Antonio TX

A Mortgage Broker Tells Us About The Best Neighborhoods To Reside In

If you are seriously looking for the best neighborhoods to live in, in San Antonio TX for you to live in, then it would be advisable for you to start looking for different options that are outside the city center. Also, doing a little bit of research is bound to go a long way especially when it comes to ensuring that you are able to get exactly what you are looking for. Just like any other state, there are luxury estates while at the same time there are still the downtown bungalows that you can also decide to live in.

Below are the best neighborhoods to live in, in San Antonio TX:

Alamo Heights

If you are wondering where San Antonio city’s money goes to, then this is the place to be. Even though this neighborhood is just 10 minutes from downtown, the neighborhood has been found to be very quiet having lots of hidden roads. Considered to be one of the best neighborhoods to live in, in San Antonio TX, even established families have made this area a home for themselves. The streets have been lined with vintage boutiques, gift shops that are also high end as well as scrapbooking stores making it easy for soccer moms to bump into each other and exchange a word or two.

Stone Oak

This is another area that is considered to be the best neighborhoods to live in, in San Antonio TX. Even though it is a suburb, it is still considered to be one of the fastest growing areas. Dual-families live here and are looking for a place whereby they can be able to take their kids to attractive schools. The neighborhood has trendy bars, beauty salons, box stores that are very popular as well as huge strip malls. In this area, you should be able to spend a total of $350,000 o an average home.

King William

Over the years, many young people who were looking for more than just a ranch like style have filled this neighborhood. Homes here are considered to be prestigious and it is for those who are able to afford a good lifestyle. The schools that are near are known for their high-end programs even though most parents who live here still prefer sending their kids to private schools that are nearby. For you to own a home in this neighborhood, you should be ready to spend a total of $650,000 or even more.

Mahncke Park

For those young people who could simply not afford to live in King William but still want a nice place, this is where they resorted to. Homes in this neighborhood are more of bungalows which go for something under $200,000 even though these prices are expected to change.

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