Best Parks To Visit In Houston TX

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Over the past few years, there has been immense drought has been experienced and this has turned to be highly devastating for the city of Houston. However, even with all the drought and everything that has happened, there is still a lot of green spaces and parks for you to enjoy. Most of these parks have major amenities that you can be able to enjoy like public arts, toilets, different accessible areas as well as that calming general vibe that you might be looking for.

Below are the best parks to visit in Houston TX:

The Hermann Park

There are so many things in the environment that this park has to offer all the people who are visiting it. There is also a miller theatre that comes together with a hill, there is the Japanese Garden that is simply breathtaking the train, the reflection pond as well as other wooded areas that are simply bound to take your breath away. There are also a number of attractions that are at a walking distance from the park. What this means is if you are looking to enjoy yourself and then you decide that you want to visit the various attractions that are in Houston, then this park is going to be the most ideal one for you.

The Memorial Park

There are mainly two camps that you can find in Houston. There is the Hermann Park and there is the memorial park. The one that you love is going to depend highly on your preference and what exactly you like. If you are one of those active folks and you would like to play a little bit of softball, then this is the most ideal place for you to be in. there are also so many playing fields and trails that you are likely to enjoy in the process. It is considered to be one of the best parks to visit in Houston TX mainly because of the fact that there are usually many events that are planned here which you can also choose to go to.

Buffalo Bayou Park

This is one of the best parks to visit in Houston TX that has also gone through a number of improvements throughout the years. The partnerships that the Park has been able to make has ensured that there is an addition of trails, restoration of the waterfront, pedestrian bridges and also a skate park has come out of this improvement.

Sesquicentennial Park

This park is found right in the middle of downtown and it is known to be home of a number of festivities. A good part of the park is made of waterfronts and ‘wild’ nature.

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