Private Lender

The following article will cover all aspects of Private lenders including: What is a Private lenders, How do Private lenders work, Types of Private lenders and Private lenders FAQs.


What is the definition of Private Lender?

Private lenders are people or organizations that lend money to people who have difficulty getting loans. Often, the rate is higher than what a bank would charge. Many people turn to private lenders after being turned down by their bank for loans.

How does a Private Lender Work?

Private lenders offer loans that are similar to those offered by banks and credit unions. You can use the funds to purchase a property, consolidate debts, make home improvements, or for any other purpose. You then pay back the loan amount in monthly installments with interest. This is how the lender makes its money.

What Types of Private lenders are there?

There are many types of private lenders in the private commercial real-estate lending industry.

1) A private individual
2) A private equity fund, or firm
3) A hedge fund
4) A self-funded specialty finance business.

What is the difference between a private lender and a bank?

The primary difference between a loan from the bank and a private lender is that a private lender will typically accept more risky loan customers than a bank . Private lenders have higher interest rates than banks, but they tend to charge more.

Are private lenders safe?

Although it may sound too good to be true, private lenders offer quick loan approvals, flexible payment terms and attractive rates. However, you still have the same level of security as with a bank or another standard lender.

Why are private lenders better than banks?

A private mortgage lender such as Financial Concepts Mortgage is more flexible than traditional banks. Although private lenders must still adhere to the same usury rules as traditional banks, private lending institutions have a lower regulatory burden than banks.

Do Private Lenders offer Jumbo Loans?

Yes most private lenders offer jumbo loans, but not all private lenders are able to fund them due to the large amount of the loan and their risk tolerance.  Jumbo loan rates in Texas can vary from private lenders and are usually second mortgages that are backed with real estate investments. Jumbo loan private lenders often require borrowers to provide more collateral or pay higher interest rates than regular conforming loans.

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