State and Local Housing Programs

Several State and local housing programs are offered by AMCAP Mortgage. Many state, county and local government programs offer financing for qualifying low-to-moderate income families wishing to purchase their first home.

Downpayment assistance program (DAP or DPA) is available to qualified home buyers through various government entities. Different government agencies offers different programs in different counties. They all have certain qualifying requirements with respect to credit, income, asset and property. Some programs can be combined with others such as the Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC) program.

Loan assistance programs like Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC) offers a partial tax credit for interest on the loan. The Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs created its Texas Mortgage Credit Program for the residents of Texas, to help make ownership of a new and existing homes more affordable for individuals and families of low and moderate income, especially first time buyers.These programs typically offer:

  • More relaxed qualifying guidelines;
  • Lower upfront fees;
  • Lower interest rate;
  • Fixed rate.

The program is open to those individuals and families who:

Meet income and home purchase requirements;
Have not owned a home as primary resident in the past three (3) years;
Meet the qualifying requirements of the mortgage loan;
Will use the home as their principal/primary resident.

Additional information regarding Mortgage Credit Certificate is available here.


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