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Are the National Guard Members Eligible For A VA Loan?

National Guard Members Eligible For A VA Loan

Yes, some VA benefits are available to National Guard members and all Reserve personnel who were released or discharged under circumstances other than dishonor. Your eligibility for a particular benefit may depend on how long you served, how dedicated you were to serving, and/or your duty status.

If they have completed at least six years of honorable service, are called up for active duty service for at least 90 days, or are released due to a disability incurred while serving, members of the National Guard and reservists are qualified for a VA Loan Mortgage.

The Federal Home Administration (FHA), a division of HUD, insures loans on advantageous terms for reserve members who do not qualify for VA housing loan benefits.

When called upon for federal tasks, the National Guard, a state-based military force, joins the United States Army Reserve and the United States Air Force Reserve. It is a military reserve force made up of the National Guard personnel or units of every state as well as the territories of Guam, the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia. In all, there are 54 different organizations that make up this force. It is formally established by Congress’s authority to “raise and support armies” under Article 1 Section 8.


How to Get a VA Loan as a National Guard Member

The same VA loan advantage that has assisted generations of Veterans and active duty service members in realising their dream of homeownership is available to members of the National Guard and Reserve.

The VA loan benefit was initially made available to members of the National Guard and Reserve in 1992. The floodgates were opened to even more National Guard troops who had served on active service, though, thanks to legislation that was passed in 2020.

Let’s examine the qualifications for the National Guard and Reserve in greater detail, as well as the most recent modifications that will allow an estimated 50,000 more Guardsmen to benefit from this historic home loan incentive.

Minimum active-duty service requirements for VA Loan

Depending on whether you’re serving abroad or at home, there are varying minimum active-duty service requirements. Working for the government full-time is referred to as active duty service. In either situation, there must be a minimum of 90 days of continuous service in a single calendar year. There are a few exclusions.

For instance, if you were called up for training or basic training, you do not have to spend 90 days. Additionally, if you are on active duty for fewer than 12 months, you are exempt from serving because the time doesn’t count toward your overall service.

Can I get a VA loan as a member of the National Guard or Reserve?

If they fulfil the fundamental service criteria, members of the National Guard and Reserve may be qualified for VA loan benefits.

Requirements for National Guard and Reserve Service The all-encompassing requirement is often six years of National Guard or Reserve service. You are normally qualified for a VA loan if you have completed six years of honourable service.

However, the government occasionally extends house loan eligibility before the six-year mark. National Guard and Reserve members who are summoned to active duty under Title 10 have been eligible for VA loans for years as long as they serve at least 90 straight days.

The same early access to the VA loan benefit has not been available to Guardsmen mobilised in accordance with Title 32 orders. This is where the new law makes a significant difference.

Expanded VA Loan Eligibility for National Guard

The Veteran Health Care and Benefits Improvement Act gave current and past members of the National Guard a considerable increase in their VA loan eligibility starting in 2020. The eligibility gap between Title 10 and Title 32 services is closed by this law.

After spending 90 cumulative days of full-time duty, of which at least 30 must have been continuous, National Guard troops activated under Title 32 orders are now qualified for a VA loan.

According to the National Guard Association of the United States, up to 50,000 Guardsmen who were called up for the COVID-19 epidemic would be eligible for the home loan benefit right away.

Additionally retroactive, this legislation change. Members of the National Guard who served in the past but now comply with the new Title 32 requirements may be qualified for a VA loan.


What Are The Types of National Guards?

There are different types of status of the National guards. One of three Reserve component types is given to each Reserve and Guard duty member including:

  • The Ready Reserve

The Ready Reserve is divided into three categories: Individual Ready Reserve, Selected Reserve, and Inactive National Guard.

  • The Standby Reserve

The Active Guard and Reserve (AGR) is made up of reservists who serve on active duty to maintain the daily operations of their units in administrative or training capacities. Other AGR participants work as teachers or recruiters. 

  • Retired Reserve

We’ll mention this area even though it might not seem important to you as you join the Reserve or Guard as a goal for when you’re in the “front leaning rest” position during boot camp. After all, you can never start planning for your retirement too early.

What Are The Benefits VA loans  for National Guard?

The National Guard has been repeatedly deployed in addition to being asked to support its state mandate of providing humanitarian aid and public security. So, if you’re considering joining the Army National Guard, here are 10 benefits of the National Guard you should be aware of. The benefits include:

  • Get access to Texas VA loan
  • Afforable healthcare
  • Have two careers
  • Get help paying for school
  • Great networking opportunities
  • Travel without moving

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